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2013 Emmo Junior Championship

2012 Emmo Junior Championship

Spring 2009 Junior Tournament

Southern California Sectional 18s Champions Fall 2007

Southern California 12s Sectional Champions



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By Karen Ronney

LMTC Pro and the Natl USTA 10andUnder Representative – San Diego The face of junior tennis is about to change.




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By Karen Ronney

LMTC junior member Lindsay Brown, the top singles player at Patrick Henry High, was recently named First-Team All-CIF in San Diego tennis.

Ja’Ana Diamond, who reached the round of 16 in CIF, won the Grossmont League singles title. Brooke Ronney won the Eastern League doubles title with partner Ashley Hayashi-Osorno and the pair reached the round of 16 in CIF. This year, Julia Ronney was on the winning teams in the USTA 12s Western Zonals Championships in Arizona and the 12s Advanced Junior Team Tennis Southern California Section Championships. She was on the So Cal team that won their second straight Gar Glenney Cup- a competition between some of the best juniors from Southern California vs. the best from Northern California.



Harper Ink Tournament Sportsperson Of The Year

This year's Harper Ink Tournament sportsperson of the year goes to our club member, Lindsay Brown. This prestigious award honors many of San Diego's top junior tennis players since 1941! CONGRATS LINDSAY!
Brown and Blum Brown Family

2012 USTA Emmo Open Junior Championship

The U.S.T.A Emmo Open Junior Championships was a hit!
One of our very own junior club members, Julia Ronney won the Girls 14 division!
Congratulations  to all participants!

Boys 16    Matthew Miller def. Tom Witteveen 6-3;6-4

Boys 14     Nik Speshilov def. Matt Lee 6-0;6-2
Nik and Matt

Boys 12     Ryan Hahn def. Kent Abbott 6-1;6-1
Ryan and Abbott

Girls 18     Catherine Kreslin def. Katie Stowe 6-3;6-0


Girls 16     Isabel Lee def. Nicole Beachboard 6-0;6-1
Catherine and Katie

Girls 14     Julia Ronney def. Lily Nilipour 6-3;6-2
Julia and Lily

Spring 2009 Junior Tournament
Junior Tournament Wrap-up
On Saturday, February 14th our club hosted a round-robin tournament for juniors. We had good weather, and all the participants had a chance to show their skills. The first division held was a coed 14 and under intermediate. After two and a half hours, Joey Gross was declared the winner and Aminah Al-Jaber was the runner-up. Both finalists are now playing for our team in the USTA league.
Our second division of our tournament consisted of high school boy's preparing to try out for their respective teams. The purpose of our tournament is to help them hone their skills before that takes place. Six different schools were represented. The action was exciting and the sportsmanship was equally outstanding. When it all was over, Devon Fritz was declared the winner and Matt Mimms the runner-up.
I am looking forward to running the next one. Lenny Packard-Head Tennis Pro
Joey and Aminah
Joey (Winner) and Aminah (Runner-up)
Matt and Devin
Matt (Runner-up) and Devin (Winner)
18s Southern California Sectional Champions Fall 2007
The 18s pictured left to right are Reese Snyder, Sam Jaffe, Shane Cerney, Lenny Packard (coach),
Devon Fritz, Justin Preibisious, and Evan Weintraub. Not pictured: Michael Greene and Kyle Meshna.

12s Southern California Sectional Champions Fall 2007

By Karen Ronney

LMTC Pro and the Natl USTA 10andUnder Representative – San Diego
The face of junior tennis is about to change. Anyone notice the colorful balls being used on the Lake Murray courts in kids’ classes? It’s a program designed to offer young children 10 and under an opportunity to learn tennis with various types of low pressure balls, smaller courts and lighter rackets. It’s called 10andUnder tennis using the QuickStart format and it will no longer be an option in teaching and playing junior tennis. Starting January 2012, here are the USTA and Southern California rule changes:

  • All Kids 8 and Under (from beginning to advanced) will be using the 18 x
    36-foot court and the red ball for practice and matches. (The Red ball is 75 % less pressure than a regular yellow ball.)

  • Kids 10 and Under beginners and Novice Tournament players will be using the 60 x 21-foot court using the orange ball. (The Orange ball is 50 % less pressure than a yellow ball.)

  • Kids 10 and Under Satellite Tournament Players will compete on the full sized tennis court using the green ball. (The Green ball is 25 percent less pressure than a yellow ball.)

  • Kids 11 and Up can play on the full sized court using the traditional yellow ball.
The greatest reason for kids to use this format is that it makes tennis easy to learn and they quickly develop strokes along with rally skills. The reduced court size is designed to create success for the reduced size of a child. Hence, a smaller the child should be playing on a smaller court. It’s all about the length of their limbs and court coverage. For example, an adult can run from center to sideline on the baseline in an average of about 4 to 6 steps. For an 8-year-old child that takes 8 to 10 steps. As a result, kids have to run twice as many steps to cover the same amount of court as an adult. Also, a regular yellow pressure ball bounces an average of height about waist high on an adult. For an 8-year-old child, that is way above the shoulders, which is very difficult. To accomplish this task, they adjust using extreme western grips and gravitate to hitting moon balls or lobs to compete on that huge court.

The biggest advantage? Kids who grow up playing red, orange or green tennis can become all court players. Why? Because it’s easy to run up to the net and hit mid-court swinging volleys, overheads and closing volleys. The likelihood of being lobbed on a red court is very low. So the end result is a new generation of all-court players who can do it all!!! Maybe in about 10 to 15 years we might see a young LMTC junior who started out in 10andUnder tennis classes make it to the top of the sectional, national or international tennis world!

Also keep in mind it is great for beginning kids, teens and adults of all ages to initially use the lower pressure balls to learn to rally and play in a user friendly way.
The various low pressure balls are slower and bounce lower so beginners can more quickly develop the proper strokes. The only difference between a younger and an older beginner is the length of time spent with low pressure balls. It’s a lot of fun. Give it a try. I will leave some demo foam, red, orange and green balls at the shop for anyone to try. Just ask for the QuickStart bag and return it when you are finished for the next member. Also, 10andUnder tennis balls can be purchased at the Emmo Tennis shop. Ask Kathy for help.

The future of junior tennis starts 111y…the red, orange and green way! For more information on the 2012 10andUnder tennis classes contact Coach Karen at coach@karenronney.com or call 619-644-1166.