LMTC Court Reservation Procedure

Basic Procedure

Members can reserve courts by telephone, in person, or online at 12 noon, four days prior to the desired day.

Singles (1 hour) and doubles (1 1/2hours) can be reserved for starting times of 9:00 am and 9:30am and ½ hour intervals beginning at 11am.

When making reservations, all players names must be given.

Players must sign in at the desk to claim their reserved court. Specific court assignments are made at the discretion of Club manager or the staff. Guest fees must be paid prior to entering the courts. Courts not claimed by 10 minutes after the reserved starting time will be defaulted.

Non-members can reserve courts in the same manner as shown above. If a non-member does not claim a reserved court or cancel prior to the scheduled starting time, the court fees will be forfeited.

This scheduling format maximizes court usage and treats single and doubles players equally.

Other Details
  1. Allotted time for singles: 1 hour; doubles 1 ½ hours; individual 1hour at discretion of management (no reservation privilege during prime time)

  2. Club members may not reserve courts for non-members unless they are one of the players

  3. Players may not make consecutive reservations unless approved by management or they are less than 50% of the new reservation.

  4. Players may not change courts, or upon expiration of their court time, move to a vacant court, without first notifying the desk staff

  5. Players, upon expiration of their court time, may request an extension of playing by getting approval of management.

  6. In the event that a member cannot play at the reserved court time, the member must notify management and cancel the reservation at least 30 minutes prior to court reservation time. If a member fails to follow this cancellation policy (3) times, the members reservation privilege may be revoked. Subject to review by the board of directors.

  7. Players scheduled to play in a league may not reserve a court that day prior to league play

  8. In the event that rain prevents play on a court where fees have been paid, such fees will be refunded

  9. It is the discretion of management as to whether the courts are playable.